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B2B data by location

The success of any direct marketing effort relies on your ability to connect with your target audience.

Selecting marketing data by location is a highly effective method of targeting. Focusing on the location where the highest concentration of top quality prospects operate is one of the most effective ways to streamline your sales process. It can also assist in the development of new regional sales teams and focused outbound campaigns. Search by country, province, region, radius, corridors and more.

Select data by any location

UK business lists

Promote your company with UK business data from ZK Marketing. ZK Marketing provide risk free, United Kingdom B2B data lists which are high in quality and accuracy.
European business lists

Direct market your services with European business data from ZK Marketing. We provide compliant European marketing data lists with accuracy and quality guarantees.
USA business lists

ZK Marketing can help you successfully crack the US market with blue ribbon, detailed and compliant U.S business data lists. Tap into the largest marketplaces.
International business lists

Showcase your products and services in front of a worldwide audience. It's never been easier to enter new markets thanks to high calibre international business data.
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B2B data location targeting

By Country

England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland – UK. Most of the EU and developing countries. We can also search by continent or geo abbreviation like APAC, EMEA, LATAM and many more.


We can search by region e.g. North West (NW), South East (SE) across the UK.


Postcode area such as M or LS. Postcode district such as M14 and LS1. Radius or drivetime from location (M4 corridor etc). The most effective method for knowing where the highest percentage of potential clients operate is via Google Analytics. Does geography have a strong influence on your conversion rate? Is local an important consideration for your clients? If so use radius to define the boundary.