Data Cleansing

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Cleanse your data lists, increase ROI

Your database

Your customer and prospect databases are arguably the most valuable asset the business owns. Consistent, relevant and timely communication with your customers and prospects is key to improving your sales. However, if your database isn’t up-to-date, it is worthless. Every day that your sales and marketing team use the data, you are throwing away money. You also run the risk of failing compliance with GDPR and data regulation which could lead to hefty fines.

Protect your assets

Business data cleansing enables you to keep in contact with your customers, re-ignite lapsed relationships, up-sell, cross-sell and can even help you find new customers by profiling your existing data and identifying matching prospects. It will fill in all the gaps within your business database and vastly improve the usage of your CRM.

Free data audit

This easy to digest report summarises the state of your database with key information such as:

Incorrect telephone numbers

Telephone numbers on TPS/CTPS register

Duplicate records, gone-away records, deceased records

Missing information

New contacts available

Enhancements available such as telephone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses
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Avoid a hefty fine

Keep your database in tip-top condition with data cleansing services from ZK Marketing; improve campaign response, reduce wastage, avoid complaints, and ensure legal compliance. No company can afford not to. Our free data audit makes this process easy. A data audit is a simple jargon-free report telling you what state your data is in and how much it will cost to get it up to scratch and legally compliant. This cost is always significantly lower than the time and financial cost of marketing to a poor database.

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