Email Appending Services

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Append your data lists, increase your revenue

Increase conversion rate

Email appending is a fantastic way of increasing the value of your marketing database and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns resulting in a greater ROI. If you don’t have email addresses for all your contacts and just need someone to fill in the gaps then our email append service is a perfect fit. If your customer database is mostly made up of postal addresses and telephone numbers, then you should consider adding an email channel. You only pay per email address added so it’s a proverbial no brainer. You will be losing money by not leveraging all available channels.

Why Email append?

There are multiple reasons to use an email appending service to enhance your customer database.

Save money on postage; email your customer invoices instead

Save the environment; enhance your green credentials with environmentally friendly email broadcasts

More sales; send timely offers to your customers and boost repeat business

Inform your customers; start an email newsletter to engage with your customers

Reduce customer lapse; keep front of mind with consistent communications

Our experts can help you build your data list or offer rental of business email addresses.
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Email append service explained…

The process is so quick and simple that within hours you could be emailing your customers with your value offering.

Send us your customer database via a secure upload

Your database is matched against leading email databases

Where the records match, an email address is added

Your database is returned to you with a new column of email address’s – All quality checked, complaint and ready to use

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